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Pinned topic how to install haelth center agent into WAS at zOS?

‏2012-04-01T19:47:05Z |

I found the web site to down load the latest agent for health center.

It has three modules.


I don’t want to replace the existing modules in WAS or JAVA file system.
How can I front end these modules?

Thanks David
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    Re: how to install haelth center agent into WAS at zOS?

    Hi David,

    It is a required step to replace the agent files in the jvm you are using with the latest ones if you wish to update them. These file do not have an affect on the running jvm if you have done certification testing etc and are concerned that replacing the files will de stabilize the version of Java you are using. We ship the agent files with the jvm as a simple means of deploying them.

    For info, the agent files are also including with the Health Center client and can be found in the help inside ISA along with full instructions of how to update your current files.