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‏2012-04-01T16:23:47Z |
I am new to Cast Iron Express and to Cast Iron in general.

I am trying to create an integration between
and my MySQL database. This is mainly for practice and learning.

I was able to create the Source ok. Connected to salesforce
and chose a business object to use. But I cannot get the target
to work. It says my Secure Connector is not running, but it

I saw a another thread on this forum who had the same issue
and his/her solution was to uninstall/re-install the connector.
I tried that, but that did not work for me.

I attached some screen prints to better illustrate what's
going on.

Thanks, Chris
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    Re: Issue with Secure connector

    Hi Chris,

    How long was it between you starting the secure connector and attempting to connect to it inside the integration? Sometimes it takes a minute or so for the runtime to propogate the fact that the secure connector has started.

    You can check the status of the secure connector from the server perspective by refreshing the list of secure connectors in the bottom left of the "Home" tab. Once that secure connector shows as Running in the Home tab you should be able to successfully query your MySQL database.