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Pinned topic Guidelines for dealing with Match/Unmatch on client Data.

‏2012-03-31T12:31:35Z | mdm-migration

I need advise on how Consumer application of our MdM-CDI eco-system should use our multiple Client KEY.

I our Mdm-CDI project we are implementing a Coexistance Pattern with Publish&Subscribe. Two systems, SAP-CRM and a legacy MainFrame, will be available to users in read&update mode and will be synchronized in near-realtime for all Client data information.

We have a Web Service that gives access to a Golden Record view (G.R.) of the Client Data, this data when through a process of survivorship, link/unlink, etc

When there is a match between a Client in SAP and the MainFrame, the merged data in the G.R. will includes the SAP-KEY, the MainFrame-KEY and a newly created GR KEY, that we call our Enteprise-KEY.

I am puzzled with this:
1. If other system outside the MdM ecosystem uses the Enteprise-Key, then when there is a Client Match/Unmatch ‘event’, they have to deal with this complexity and the side effects.
2. In the other hands, if they use any of the original system Keys (SAP or MainFrame) then, they will have to use a separate ‘Cross Reference’ service to convert from one system key to another.

I would like to know how people exposed Client Key to other systems and how they deal with the complexity of a Match/Unmatch Events on all system in the enterprise.

Any feedback on this matter will be helpful.
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    Re: Guidelines for dealing with Match/Unmatch on client Data.


    It depends on whether the plan is really circulated an enterprise master across the Organization.
    If so then you would not want circulate the keys from other client systems and slowly try to dry them out.

    You can try Created a GR Key (which doesn't change) and maintain cross ref in your system for match /UnMatch MDM keys generated, but with appropriate maintenance.Obviously you would need a system of cross system if you within your MDM. Any how technically you would have to have a system of cross ref.

    Thoughts welcome.