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Pinned topic Brocade merged fabric switches - zoning question

‏2012-03-30T12:41:45Z |
Quick question for those in the know. Started my first install today trying to merge fabrics with two Brocade FC switches. I have both switches in the fabric, but the Zone Admin tool in the WebTools GUI on Switch 1 doesn't show the ports on Switch 2, and vice versa. The zone config does show up on Switch 2 however, so to create a zone with ports from switch 1 and 2 I need to jump between the two. Showing the zone config from the command line does show ports from both switches in there...

So, should I be able to see ports from both switches from the Zone Admin tool on Switch 1? Or is the behaviour I've seen normal?


PS, the net seems to be devoid of step by step guides for this type of thing, spent quite a bit of time looking and came up with zilch.
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    Re: Brocade merged fabric switches - zoning question

    Brocade dropped that possibility in one of the early v6.x versions to promote their management tool DCFM. Meanwhile its successor Network Advisor took over this part. There is a free version with very limited functions (like supporting only one fabric per installation at the same time) or a 75 days trial of the enterprise version. For the free one you have to contact Brocade directly. The 75-days thing can be obtained from IBM, too.

    An alternative way would be to go to each switch and create 1 alias per port with a name like "Switchname_portnumber". Later you only zone with the aliases which can be seen from all switches then.