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Pinned topic Can't connect to the Health Center Agent

‏2012-03-30T11:58:45Z |
I install Apache JMeter to the mashine. And enable Helth Center Agent starting at the same time as the JMeter by the adding to the start script file "-Xhealthcenter" property. I run 'jmeter.bat' and successfully connect to the agent by the client. Thats cool.
But when i run 'jmeter-server.bat' and start jmeter in server mode i can't connect to the agent by the client.
In both cases i got message "INFO: Health Center agent started on port 1972".
Please help me. How can I solve that problem?
P.S.: See for details attached start scipts 'jmeter-server.bat' and 'jmeter.bat' listing.