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Pinned topic Modifying a RTC exported process template in RMC 7.5

‏2012-03-30T05:53:22Z |

I'm currently going through the various integrations points between RMC and RTC and could not find information regarding the possibility to import a RTC process template (that would have been exported from a RTC server instance using the web admin page for the RTC project administration) into RMC. This would allow to modify an existing process template in RMC and then I hope we can re-generate a new version of the process template so that it can be imported back in RTC.

Until now, I understood that the adaptation of a RTC process template had to be done within RTC itself (not with RMC) and that RMC could be used to maintain the documentation of that process template (and export it as war to make it accessible in RTC).

Any info on the possibility to export from RTC a whole process template, import it in RMC, do the necessary adaptations and re-generate a new process template usable in RTC?