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Pinned topic Reg RoseRT: Send a UML signal from inside an operation of a capsule

‏2012-03-29T18:05:40Z |

In my RoseRT model, I fail to send a UML signal from a function definition of a capsule in RoseRT, using the following syntax.
(Whereas it is possible to send the same signal from a capsule transition)
portName.UMLsignal().send(); //portName is the port of the Protocol used to send

Here myCapsuleFunction is invoked from another(2nd) model/application, using callback function pointer.
Note:(Earlier I have passed this pointer from my model to that application.)(The control transfers from 2nd application to my model, when the function is invoked)(The function call is also successful)

And my model is crashing in the function definition at the point RTProtocol::getOwner(...) //i.e, I think there is a problem in accessing the port

This UML signal is to be sent for another(3rd) application, which has the corresponding port at its end to receive the signal.
Please, Share your concerns about this.