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Pinned topic Best configuration for NcKL 3.5 and mttrapd v12

‏2012-03-29T18:00:02Z |
Quick question concerning NcKL 3.5, we are running mttrapd v12 and want to use NcKL 3.5.

We have been using NcKL for a while but I notice a number of changes in the v12 rules files. We basically copied the snmp.rules and combined that with mttrapd.rules before. What is the best way to use NcKL? Does anyone have any examples?

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    Re: Best configuration for NcKL 3.5 and mttrapd v12

    You can directly use mttrapd.rules provided by NcKL package without merging with original mttrapd.rules from probe installation.

    However it is base on your judgement whether the changes is worth to merge or not. If the current is working good, in my opinion, there is no need to update the rules file.