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‏2012-03-29T13:12:15Z |
I am working on a project that takes a pdf document and its CM annotations and presents them as a image to be used in the pdf reader browser plug-in. To accomplish this I use the streaming document services bean load document methed to load the document and annotations from input streams. Then using the CMBDocument write(boolean withAnnotations,boolean originalColorPalette, outStream,java.lang.String writeMimeType) method to write document with the annotations merged with the document to and output stream. To test this step I wrote the merged image to a FileOuputStream. Checking the resulting PDF shows that is always versin 1.4. The orignal PDF version was 1.6. Is there a property somewhere that I can set to keep the PDF version I start with?
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    Re: CMBDocument.Write PDF Version

    When CM annotations are requested with the document on write document, the pages are then images. There is no setting to control the pdf version.

    Geri Muckelbauer
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    Re: CMBDocument.Write PDF Version

    Thanks, we wound up using a third party tool so we could control the PDF version.