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Pinned topic DS7400 and Stornext system

‏2012-03-28T15:41:48Z |
Hi all!

I have a DS4700 with only 1 host_group and 2 type of HOST OS:

Windows 2000/Server 2003/Server 2008 Non-Clustered

Both OS can read write on the luns attached to the host_group by Stornext.

A few months ago, we got an error " Logical drives not on preferred path"

In the begining I thougth I was a normal error for not on preferred path, where could be a connection error and I changed both FC, set offine the controller and online, use the automatic redistribition for the logical drives. But the issue still there.

I read a document for DS4000 and Stornext called " IBM System Storage™ Digital Media Storage Solution Installation Guide". There is a point where it say " the AVT must to be disable"

I have the LNXAVT with AVT enable and Windows 2000/Server 2003/Server 2008 Non-Clustered

I made a script to change it, but I cannot find the index for LNXAVT...could somebody know it?

Example of my script:
set controller[a] HostNVSRAMByte0x00,0x24=0x00; /* 0x01 is enable AVT */
set controller[b] HostNVSRAMByte0x00,0x24=0x00;
show storageArray hostTypeTable;

Did someone have this error in the path preferred?
Do you think changing the AVT will fix it?

Thanks a lot guys!