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Pinned topic Documentation Skills Training for IT Architects - Any suggestions

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Do you have any recommendations on where an IT architect might go to develop better documentation skills? Seeking suggestions for online courses, self-study, workshop open to public enrollment, and also open to hearing from someone who has experience in the area who has credibility and the ability to effective teach and coaching someone else.

I'm not an IT architect myself (don't even work in IT!), but I consult with others on employee development needs. The IT architect who is seeking to build his skills said he is responsible for developing "high level" documentation and generally needs to improve his ability to create effective documents that are clear, succinct, accurate, and appropriately detailed.

Thanks for any info you can provide!
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    Re: Documentation Skills Training for IT Architects - Any suggestions

    You have picked an interesting forum to pose that question.

    In our experience with writing, developing, and pushing technical information to wiki pages and customer read'able materials, we often will tap people on our teams who have had more formal training with documentation and writing styles. We work new material collaboratively, complementing technical skills and writing skills.

    From my perspective, practice, practice, and more practice is good.

    On a more practical level, I searched around a bit inside developerWorks and found a link to writing styles and approaches. You might start there and poke around more.