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Pinned topic Invalid credentials when trying to start the SOA Sandbox

‏2012-03-27T06:17:42Z |
Our University joined the Academic Initiative program and would like to let 12 students to experience the System Architect two days later. I tried to login the SOA sandbox but failed. It returned a message "The credentials supplied were invalid". Would you please advise how can i handle this problem ?

Thank you for your kind attention.

  • queequeg
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    Re: Invalid credentials when trying to start the SOA Sandbox

    ‏2012-03-27T15:14:33Z  in response to HVK3_Carlin_CHU
    Hello Carlin,
    My tests show it resolving correctly, but we do have occasional credential problems. I am going to ask the support team to review.
    Having said that, it may very well work now. However, be aware that we only run 6 concurrent seats for System Architect so we cannot support 12 individual sessions.
    You may want to contact your academic initiative contact to see if a wider evaluation session is possible.

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