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Pinned topic RPT No license keys available for this 130 user run.

‏2012-03-27T05:02:26Z |
I installed RPT on RHEL Linux 5.4, and installed license server on another Windows server.

From RPT I can see the license type is "Permanent" and license status is "License key available"

Before starting up RPT, I created .flexlmrc in the home directory, the content is "RATIONAL_LICENSE_FILE=@IP_of_License_Server"

I think what I have done is enough, but the error still happens.

Did anyone meet this before? any advices? Thanks in advance!

Could this problem have something to do with the system date time? The reason why I say this is RPT used to work fine before I add a crontab job to synchronize time with another server.
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    Re: RPT No license keys available for this 130 user run.

    Might try RATIONAL_LICENSE_FILE=27000@IP_of_License_Server in the .flexlmrc. Also try restarting RPT in case you have not yet after creating .flexlmrc. Possibly run LKAD on the Windows box and make sure you can see the licenses.

    On the RHEL box increase logging via Window > Preferences > Logging > Loggers. Set to ALL. Then use Window > Show View > Error Log to see if any interesting messages appear in the log when the failure occurs.