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Pinned topic Not able to create project.

‏2012-03-22T12:40:32Z |
When I am trying to create project using SRM it fails (error message attached). As I understand it can't find storage which I want to use to store my VM images. I am using three servers: one server (ESXI 5) to run ISDM images, other one (ESXI 5) as a resource pool for VM images and third one Vcenter. I have tried to search on Google and forums but could not find any solution or advice. To configure DCM.xml I have followed IBM manuals.

If someone would be so generous to help me with DCM configuration please contact me
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    Re: Not able to create project.

    Hi ,

    If you still facing this issue , please let me know it is a simple configuration error
    in configuring the SANStGPoolname variable which we need to correct to solve this