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Pinned topic Smart Refesh not working after upgrade to WPF 7.0

‏2012-03-22T08:54:54Z |
I have upgraded my Development environment from WPF 6.1 to 7.0.After upgrade my local workspace is working fine.
Then I moved files from my local to DEV Server.After that Look and Feel of DEV has changed and it is working fine
But Smarter Refresh option (which is feature of 7.0)is not working in my DEV enviornment( but working in my local)

I did some R&D on this and found that there is a new UItheme file named blue_WPF7.uitheme which we need to set as following in or

I have checked my ear blue_WPF7.uitheme and gridtable_blue_WPF7.css is present at their respective paths.

Please help me in what is the thing which I am missing out?
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  • Michael Burati
    Michael Burati
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    Re: Smart Refesh not working after upgrade to WPF 7.0

    Can you explain what you mean by "moved files from local to Dev server"? Did you deploy a WAR from our project to both environments and see different behavior, or were you moving files to the dev server through some other means, other than deploying a WAR created from your project? When you say local, do you mean a local copy of portal on your own system or are you referring to running standalone in the test WAS CE server?

    Note also that you should never be editing or The file for a project is the right way to set/override properties, not by editing a core properties file that upgrade may overwrite.

    If you deployed a portlet WAR where Smart Refresh is working in one environment, but not the other, then in the one that is not working, try using a browser debugger to see if there are any Javascript errors occurring or Javascript warnings in the browser debugger console pane.

    If you're upgrading from 6.1 to 7.0, you may want to go all the way to the current release ( to benefit from improvements to that more recent release.

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    Re: Smart Refesh not working after upgrade to WPF 7.0