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Pinned topic read of pipe failed from rtprvu. exit code -1073741819

‏2012-03-21T14:48:00Z |

I know that this question has been posted before and as yet there have been no answer for it but I'm really hoping that this time someone might know the solution.

I have the following problem. Our customer is running the test manager version 2003.06.15 on Windows 2000 and everything works perfectly. They then wanted to look into installing this version on Windows 7 and since then there have been problems. They are currently toying with the idea of upgrading to a newer version of Rational but the problem is that Test Manager is no longer available and they would need to migrate to Quality Manager which they are not sure they want to do yet.

So on Windows 7 Test Manager behaves as follows:
try to run a test script and the following error msg appears "RTmaster: fatal user initilization error. Another rt master process is running.
Using the solution from another thread I deleted the semaphores that were being kept by nutcracker with the following command
ipcrm -m 100
This worked prefectly and i was able to see that the shared semaphores were released.

Run 2: on the second attempt to run the script I then get the following message:
RT master: fatal initialization error
initipc(): shared memory segment attached failed, no such file or directory
Read of pipe failed from rtprvu exit code -1073741819

Again the shared semaphores are not released so if I try to run the script again I get the error from run 1 and this continues on and on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!