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Pinned topic RDZ start up error

‏2012-03-21T08:21:07Z |

Finally I have completed the RDZ installation but I get the below error while starting the task RSED and LOCKD started task :

starting RSE lock daemon... -- Wed Mar 21 03:22:39 EDT 2012

java: /usr/lpp/rdz/bin/ 231: FSUM7351 not found

host IP address:

java: FSUM7351 not found

ERROR: addresses do not match
I have checked the java path is mounted on ZFS and /usr/lpp/rdz/bin/ do exist the given path. Please advise me the required troubleshoot for the above task.
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    Re: RDZ start up error

    The issue was with wrong java home path statement in etc/RDZ configuration. Now it is working fine.