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Pinned topic Manage Activities - ITIM 5.1

‏2012-03-20T07:39:16Z |

I have an User "X" has Manager and Vendor creator views. Manger View is to change his reportees few attributes. Vendor creator view is to create Users.

When "X" logs into ITIM vendor console he is able to see those two only.

Take user "Y" whose Reposting Manager is "X". "Y" is also having the same view as "X" is having.

User "Y" cries to create reportee approval is pending with "X".

Now "X" logs into ITIM Venodr console where he is able to see "Manage Activities--View Activities" option.

Note: Is this is ITIM default behaviour ? If, Yes
Requiremet : Which I don't want him to be visible.Please help me on the same.
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