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Pinned topic help with commnad 'route -q' in AIX 5.3

‏2012-03-19T02:07:30Z |
hi all !

I have a problem.i access to AIX server via SSH.When i use command 'route -n' on command line after that i can't connect to server AIX.please help me fix this problem

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    Re: help with commnad 'route -q' in AIX 5.3


    you say route -q in the heading, and then say route -n...neither should be "destructive"  Something else is happening and you need to capture more information.  What do you mean by can't connect?  Can you ping after you can't connect? When you issue this command are you just being disconnected?   what does netstat -rn reveal before and after this problem.   Are you issuing the command as root?  Can you login to the system console?  This is rather vague.