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Pinned topic Using RPE to generate information into an external document

‏2012-03-18T17:51:58Z |
I'm using RPE with Rational Rhapsoody to generate documents on my model.I already have a .doc file which has a lot of other project related information and I need RPE to generate Rhapsodoy model stuffs into this document at different locations.I understand we can direct RPE to generate information into bookmarks into a document ( using target region property) by using the .doc file as a .dot file (word template).
While this works fine, I now need to maintain both the files (the .dot and the generated file) to make sure they are synced.Is there is any way, we could use just one file instead.I mean with just the external .doc file(that has bookmarks in it) , can we tell RPE to put the stuffs into the same file.

Any thoughts would be great.
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    Re: Using RPE to generate information into an external document


    you can set the Word output to be the same as the stylesheet. But note that RPE will not replace content at those specific locations so running the same docgen with the same input doc file will result in duplicated content.


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