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‏2012-03-16T13:19:33Z |
is there a way to get the ouput of "nmon -> @" (Workload Partition (WPAR)) into the Excelsheet? I'm particulary interested in the "Physical-CPU" counters. Unfortunately I wasn't able to figure out how to start the nmon deamon so it will save this data as well.
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    Re: Output of Workload Partition (WPAR) (@)

    I suggest you try:
    • nmon -?
    and then
    • nmon -h
    for hints and full details of running nmon.

    nmon -fWT -s 2 -c 100
    Will run nmon for 200 seconds collecting 100 samples.
    The load the output file into the nmon Analyser Excel spreadsheet.

    The WPAR / WLM stats are not in Physical CPU time terms - only the CPUs are reported this way.

    I hope this helps, Nigel Griffiths twitter: mr_nmon