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‏2012-03-16T12:58:38Z |

I need information about Serial debug CLI on IBM Ctlr RSSM (FRU 43W3630). When i am connected on CLI (prompt ">"), and try command as "mfg reset", "mfg CardReset" ... the reponse is "You did not use proper force with this command..." ! I have try to found information about this shell without result. Is someone has documentation or the correct command syntax ?


  • Tlee
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    Re: IBM RSSM Ctlr Serial Debug CLI


    Did you every get and answer?

    I am trying to repair am RSSM controller, that report failed.

    What terminal settings did you use to talk to the controller?


    604-273-1995 ext 201


  • Guy Kempny
    Guy Kempny
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    Re: IBM RSSM Ctlr Serial Debug CLI


    I am not sure what you are ultimately are trying to achieve, but I will make a suggestion. To reset the RSSM controller in either bays 3 or 4, we used the AMM CLI to do this. The command is:

    system> reset -T switch[3]
    system> reset -T switch[4]

    Thanks to Josh Corder for documenting this on page 324, in our newly released redbook Implementing the IBM BladeCenter S Chassis. This can be downloaded from here: abstracts/sg247682.html?Open