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‏2012-03-15T13:24:17Z |
Here are some problems with managed pages in beta 3. They seem to stem from the fact that the site-area-like node that represents a page in the content library doesn't behave sufficiently like a regular site area.

Create a portal page leaving the content mapping of the page as the default mapping to the associated managed page node in the Portal Site content library. Create a content item as a child of the managed page node. Add a web viewer portlet to the page and configure it to display this content item using the "Select content and use the content association of the current page" option. This will produce an error message "the chosen content is not a child of the site area associated with the current page".

Create a portal page leaving the content mapping of the page as the default mapping. Create a new child page from a template. This will fail "EJQHH0002W:The current page does not have a page content mapping" if the template page used has a content mapping to a regular site area. However the child page creation succeeds if the template page has the default content mapping to its managed page node in Portal Site.

The managed page tree doesn't seem to be accessible to navigator components. For example the Selected Start Area property of a navigator can't be set to a managed page node.
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    Re: Problems with managed pages

    Thanks a lot for playing around with Beta 3 and posting these issues.
    They are unfortunately limitations of the Beta 3 driver, but will be fixed in the final product. The goal is to have the portal pages in WCM to behave like normal site areas and replace site areas for the navigation part and use site areas to group the content.