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Pinned topic SAP adapter throwing "Service Not Available" error

‏2012-03-13T04:20:16Z |
I have an BPM environment having a stand-alone PS server on version 7.5. Currently engaged in a customer PoC activity that requires me to connect to a SAP ECC 6 system and fetch / update certain HR records

I've created the BPEL module in IID 7.5 and used the JCA SAP adapter to connect to the SAP instance. During configuration from the EMD adapter console .... used the following jar files


During tooling configuration, IID is able to make a connection to the SAP instance and retrieve all the BAPI / RFC objects

For runtime, loaded the jar files in the INSTALL_ROOT/lib directory and the dll file in the INSTALL_ROOT/bin directory

Also loaded the CWYAP_SAPAdapterExt..jar in the INSTALL_ROOT/lib/ext folder

Though I was able to run the module once with successful execution through the UTE interface, all subsequent calls are failing (with the error message provided in the attached document)

Even after deleting and re-creating the module interface, it still does not work
Anyone seen this behavior before and any pointers of how to resolve this