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Pinned topic POS:Model and Serial no not showing after Riser Card Replacement.

‏2012-03-13T04:13:38Z |
Dear All,

Anybody can tell us the problems are coming after replacement of Riser card in POS machine.
We are using POS system SurePOS 700 Type/Model 4800-F43, one of our system was giving en error on keyboards and not showin System's Model and Serial Numbers on Syste's BIOS.

First things was happened on the system were that, suddenly the system not recognized the connected equipments e-g a Keyboards and gave the error messages like “system not recognizing”, After this errors we had replaced their Riser Card and after this activity we not seem system Model and serial numbers in the system’s BIOS, and still same problem for not recongnization, even we had updated the latest BIOS ( 85KT310),

Awaiting you kind and well soon reply.