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Pinned topic Problem with gateway proxy ESB.

‏2012-03-12T10:31:13Z |

I'm trying to use the gatewayProxy. I'm making this example:

My problem is that I never get to access the wsdl by the proxy. I get an mistake:

Error: Generic Error.

Could not find Axis2 service for request URI: /BankProxy_GatewayWeb/sca/BankProxy_GatewayExportacion_WS_SOAP11/SaveService.

I have been looking for about it on google, and that looks a bug in the server.

I have updated with the last version, but the mistake is the same,,,

Could someone help me??

Thank you!.

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  • F1B3_Hemanth_Kota
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    Re: Problem with gateway proxy ESB.

    Could someone please let me know the way to fix this issue.
    It's been 24 hrs I am fighting with this issue.
  • SystemAdmin
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    Re: Problem with gateway proxy ESB.

    Hi! If your question still actual, then you need add jvm property to your application server from administrative console, as written
    "Therefore this new behavior must be enabled by a JVM property:
    The default value is false and must be set to true to enable
    this fix."

    It's realy help for me.

    Hope It helps for you too.