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‏2012-03-11T21:26:18Z |
Can you give me a clue how to install IBM Cell SDK on my ubuntu PC?
I want to run simple 'hello world' program for now.
How to do it?

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    Re: IBM CELL SDK on Ubuntu

    In light of the fact that the Cell BE SDK was removed from the dW zone in April 2011, it's very unlikely that you'll get a "formal" answer to this question. IIRC, the SDK never supported any Debian based clients (if they did, you wouldn't be asking. ;-) That means you're really asking how to take the RPMs and install them on your Debian client.

    In my simple mind, you have a couple options:
    1. Create a virtual machine (VirtualBox or KVM) of the correct RPM-based distribution. IIRC, Fedora was supported. Given the good support of VirtualBox these days in Ubuntu distributions, that would be the one I'd use.
    2. Install RPM on your Ubuntu machine, force on the RPMs without dependency checking, and resolve the segfaults as you go.
    3. Spend time on Google learning about alien and attempt to convert the lengthy list of packages from .rpms to .debs. My recollection of the RPMs was that they had some sophisticated installation scripts that usually are not handled well by alien.

    If it were me, I'd take option #1 as that's the best chance of success for the work. Good luck!