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Pinned topic Some basic problems - please help

‏2012-03-11T11:51:31Z |
Have installed Cognos Express 9.5 trial and hooked some data in from my company.

Problem 1:
When I create a crosstab query in report designer the row and column headings show when I publish it but there's no data showing at all. There's definitely data in the field of the table I'm pulling from (and it's formatted as number). If I pull in eg Location and Lbs in a basic query it shows the Lbs fine, if I pull Lbs into crosstab there's nothing showing. Help?

Problem 2:
How on earth do I create a summarising of two columns of data, eg if I have 3 fields in a table:
Company - Location - Weight
Company1 - Location1 - 50Lbs
Company1 - Location2 - 30Lbs
Company2 - Location1 - 60Lbs
Company2 - Location2 - 10Lbs

If I pull just Company and Weight into the query analyser it shows:
Company1 - 50Lbs
Company1 - 30Lbs
Company2 - 60Lbs
Company2 - 10Lbs

How do I get it to summarize as:
Company1 - 80Lbs
Company2 - 70Lbs

I can't seem to see any way to group and sum like this?

Many thanks to anybody who can assist.
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    Re: Some basic problems - please help

    I think I might see why both these issues are occuring - it's not recognizing fields as numbers.
    When I pull a table directly from my SQL server it shows the field with a measure tape icon - assume this means it recognizes it as a number and is measurable?
    When I import data from my SQL server into a local table in MS Access then link the MS Access table into Cognos Express, it shows the field with a white/blue stripe - assume this means it doesn't see the data type as a number?
    the MS Access local table is definitely Number data type.
    Why would it see this field as a number directly from SQL, but not see it as a number directly from a MS Access table?