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Pinned topic cant ping workstation from system i

‏2012-03-10T14:53:48Z |
I need help i have configured tcpip on my system i 6r1m0 with a host name and everything but i can only ping the system i from windows work station but i cant ping the hostname on the system i or ping the windows workstation when i try there is no error it just hangs forever.

thanks fawzy
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    Re: cant ping workstation from system i

    The first place to look to make sure the host name configuration is correct is to prompt on the CHGTCPDMN command. Verify the domain name and DNS server address(es) are correct. I don't believe PING can hang forever but it can delay a long time trying to resolve the name. Having the Domain name server retry values set to anything larger than 2 and 2 doesn't usually help anything resolve that didn't resolve with 2 and 2.

    PING to the workstation might also be impacted by the same issues with the DNS server configuration.

    Your question didn't indicate if PING was able to resolve to an IP address. Another thing to try would be to PING your windows work station IP Address directly. This would eliminate the name look up. If this fails, then it would be time to double check the routes you have configured.