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Pinned topic was 7 nd server not starting

‏2012-03-10T13:33:20Z |
Can anyone help me? I have installed was 7 nd on i5 os but the default standalone server , server1 has failed to start can any one help.this is the profile.Application server environment to create: Application server
Location: /QIBM/UserData/WebSphere/AppServer/V7/ND/profiles/default
Disk space required: 200 MB
Profile name: default
Make this profile the default: True
Node name: LOCAL
Host name: LOOPBACK
Enable administrative security (recommended): False
Administrative console port: 9060
Administrative console secure port: 9043
HTTP transport port: 9080
HTTPS transport port: 9443
Bootstrap port: 2809
SOAP connector port: 8880
Run application server as a service: False
Create a Web server definition: False

i have attached the serverstatus.log