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Hey ,

I need some help if anybody would know how to get the report created last chage date.

Cognos report function have:
1. Report Created Date(), this funtion will display the first time report is created and save. On the other hand, if you open report and make some modificationand resave it, this date will nor change.

2. Report Save Date (), this function will change even if you run the schedule report and/or change any property of the report.

I am looking into the report last save date that reflect any time report is open and resave. I mea report design in report studio.


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    Re: Report Created Last Save Date


    Wonder if you got it answered or whether and how you circumvented the need.

    We have Cognos BI 8.4.1 FP2 and also have similar need where the business users see in a portlet (dashboard) a list of reports (shortcuts to report's save outputs) where they would also like to see the report modification date.

    Something like following headers should show in the portlet on the dashboard.

    Report Name Modified Date Actions
    xxxxxxxxxxx 11/18/2012 Icons (property sheet, run with option, etc).

    This "Modified Date" is when the underlying report design/definition was modified last.
    The Report Name item xxxxxxxx is actually a Shortcut pointing to a Saved Output of a schedule executed Report View based off a Report.

    Any ideas to either directly achieve this or best alternatives welcome!