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Pinned topic Stdout/Stderr of StartCommand/StopCommand

‏2012-03-07T14:38:02Z |
today my was-admin asked me, why a was resource was in failed offline.
Even after a reset via ISC/OC, the resource kept staying in FAILED OFFLINE.

I looked into the syslog and found our entries from the StartCommand (logger...), which stated a rc=255
Next step for me is "samlog -d -t 3m" which shows the Stdout and Stderr of the internal called Commands

2012-03-07 14:46:23.466235 G(wlibwsb21201) Stdout = ADMU0116I: Tool
2012-03-07 14:46:23.466235 G(wlibwsb21201) ADMU3011E: Server launched but failed initialization. startServer.log,
2012-03-07 14:46:23.466235 G(wlibwsb21201) Stderr =

It is very good to be able to get the data, but it is quite complicated.

I would like to see the StdOut/StdErr direcly from the ISC/OC.
Does anybody has a good idea?
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    Re: Stdout/Stderr of StartCommand/StopCommand

    Our ideas are

    1) Put all outputs into the syslog by logger commands.
    Pro: You see all information at one place.
    Cons: You have to log in to the very node, where the command happend

    2) Change the Descriptionm of the Resource/ResourceGroup.
    Pro: It would be accessable by ISC/OC
    Cons: There is no Description field in IBM.Application, and you can't get the Name of the starting/stopping Resource(Group)