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Pinned topic Electronic Service Agent Connection Test time out

‏2012-03-07T14:33:43Z |
Hello All --

I just setup Director 6.2.1 on Two servers. One in PA and one in NJ. The firewall settings are identical on both setups. On Both servers, if I go into service and support manager, click on manage settings, then click on the connection tab and do a test connection, i get a successful connection. On the PA box, under service and support manager, when I click on "test connection to IBM", I get a successful connection message in the event log, however, on the NJ box, when I click "test connection setting to IBM", about 7 minutes later I get a warning message in the event log saying "Electronic Service Agent connection test did not complete within the expected time". What would cause this? As I said before the firewall settings are identical on both sites. They are both running Windows Server 2008 R2. Any thoughts?