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Pinned topic core dump on aix6.1

‏2012-03-07T10:46:17Z |

there is core dump after running a exe file on aix6.1.
description of core file is as:
http://using memory image in core.21168194.02012017
reading symbolic information ...

Illegal instruction (illegal opcode) in . at 0x0 ($t1)
warning: Unable to access address 0x0 from core
(dbx) where
.() at 0x0
AbstractDOMParser.xercesc_2_7::ValueVectorOf<xercesc_2_7::DOMNode*>::~ValueVectorOf()() at 0x80000000025bcd0
xercesc_2_7::ValueStackOf<xercesc_2_7::DOMNode*>::~ValueStackOf()() at 0x80000000025583c
xercesc_2_7::AbstractDOMParser::cleanUp()() at 0x800000000254f7c
xercesc_2_7::AbstractDOMParser::~AbstractDOMParser()() at 0x8000000002553c4
xercesc_2_7::XercesDOMParser::~XercesDOMParser()() at 0x80000000044dd14
Myspace::ConfigFile1::~ConfigFile1()(this = 0x08001000a0301df0, __dtorFlags = 2, __vtt = (nil)), line 120 in "ConfigFile1.cpp"
Myspace::ConfigFile2::~ConfigFile2()(this = 0x08001000a0301d78, __dtorFlags = 2, __vtt = (nil)), line 74 in "ConfigFile2.cpp"
ConfigFile2.__::__srterm()(), line 40 in "ConfigFile2.cpp"
exit(??) at 0x900000000037514
I am not able to find the cause.
what may be posiible causes and solution for that?
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    Re: core dump on aix6.1

    One possible case is a stack frame corruption (corrupting activation record). In that case, process may not know where to return and hence you may see ".() at 0x0" in dbx as part of call stack.

    In your case, "AbstractDOMParser.xercesc_2_7::ValueVectorOf<xercesc_2_7::DOMNode*>::~ValueVectorOf()() at 0x80000000025bcd0" may not have corrupted the stack. One of the callees (or callee of callee ) of the above function could be corrupting the call stack