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Pinned topic Impromptu Application Errror : The report request failed

‏2012-03-06T15:13:29Z |

When I try to launch IWR reports from Cognos Upfront I get the below error :
Application Error:
The report request failed.
The execution of this report at 03/06/12 10:09:30 failed due to the following reason:
Unable to connect to database.

When i checked the iwr.log file it shows me below description:

IWRcer5:ImpServer:ImpServer.OleExceptionError: <servername>, 1951(1), 2012/03/06 10:09:33.301; Logon error while connecting the database.
Data Services are not available. Impromptu Web Reports is unable to perform data access.Error number -4:

DMS-E-CONNECTREJECT, A connection has been rejected by the remote interface during operation 'attach database'.
ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified

Can someone let me know why this is happening.?

Thanx in advance.

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  • Bobznkazoo
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    Re: Impromptu Application Errror : The report request failed

    Have you checked the user login information on the server and database? Did that user lose accessibility on the server? Did the user have permission changes in the database? Perhaps the database logs would have an entry to help troubleshoot the issue.

    You can also look at this page for some other clues/options:
  • DanielWagemann
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    Re: Impromptu Application Errror : The report request failed

    This could either be that the tnsname.ora is not setup properly or the IWR application, specifically impserver.exe cannot access it.

    Try running the report through impserver by double clicking on the impserver.exe CTRL-O and locating the report within the Apps directory. If the report runs then its most likely an ENV PATH issue. Make sure that Oracle\bin directory is on the path for the user starting the IWR Service.

    If the report does not run, its most likely the oracle setup itself, ensure that you can perform a TNSPING on the service ID and that you are able to connect through SQLPlus before attempting to run the report within IWR.h