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‏2012-03-05T14:02:19Z |
I have installed cosnos 10 on windows 7 platform. Then downloaded the DB2 sample data base and DB2 Express C database , installed.
I am having problem when starting a new project in the framework manager. When I try to create a new data source, I specify DB2 , then the wizard asks me about the database name and string etc. Can anybody tell me why I can't connect to the sample data, please.
I am new to Cognos.
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    Re: Cognos 10

    Installing the software is only the first step in being ready to use it. Did you configure the webserver, dispatcher and gateway? Are they working correctly? Framework Manager relies on the rest of the environment to connect to the data source.

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    Re: Cognos 10

    If you are creating a new data source connection in Cognos then it will ask you to supply the information to locate the database you want to use. For a DB2 connection this typically requires you to supply the alias that you used when you created your DB2 database. This database is not something which is created by the Cognos install so the alias cannot be defined for you automatically. The next portion of creating a database connection is to supply the user id and password to connect to the DB2 database.

    You will encounter a similar situation if you try to use the DB2 command line utilities. In order to use these tools you need to connect to a configured database alias and log on as an authorized user.