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‏2012-03-02T21:41:44Z |
Hello All,

Small doubt: WMQFTE does reliable transfer.
Q1) So in case during file transfer process if any issues comes up where does the data stays ?

Q2) If the data stays what is the maximum amount of size it could be ?
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  • Bruce_Olsen
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    Re: WMQFTE File Transfer Fail

    You're transfering a file. During the transfer, the file is read, WMQFTE keeps track of how much has been sent. In the event a restart is needed, it will start where it has to to maintain the integrity of the file. So the short answer to Q1 is the file is where it is when the transfer started. The answer to Q2 is that it depends on how large your file system is and can it hold all the files you have ready to transfer.
  • R_Simons
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    Re: WMQFTE File Transfer Fail

    To add to the other post:

    Q1 - data is held in multiple locations. As the file is read on the sending system, it is parsed into messages and put to the receiving agents "data" queue. up to the maximum amount of inflight data (determined by the chunk, frame and window size parameters set) As the receiving agent gets the messages, it starts rebuilding the file on the local file system. And as these messages are written successfully, status message go back to the source agent to send more data. So depending upon the state of the WMQ environment file data will be present on the sending file system, source agent's QM transmit queue, receiving agent's data queue and the receiving agent's file system.

    Q2 - See the chunk, frame and window parameters. These govern the amount of "in flight" data PER TRANSFER

    All of this is described in the Info Center.