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Pinned topic TDI 7.0 - How to dynamically change filePath in FileSys Connector

‏2012-03-02T08:00:50Z |
I want to process multiple files using a TDI AL.So what I tried doing is:
1. Created a new file listing all file names.
2. Created an AL with Feed as above file
3. In getNextSuccessful hook of the Feed connector, I set a TDI Property to indicate the full path of the File Name.
4. In Flow, used the Assembly Line Function component to call the target Assembly Line (which will process this file)
5. In the File Connector of target assembly line, I set the filePath to Advanced option and returned the File Name by fetching TDI Property value.

It works fine in the first iteration, but in the next iteration, even though the TDI Property is set to new File name, the target AL still iterates through the old file.

Is there some kind of caching of file in File System connector that must be causing this.

What is the best way to tackle this situation - where you want an AL to be called iteratively and the File System connected in called AL should read a new file in each iteration.

Kindly advise.