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I'm trying to create a flow that, among other things, will put a message out on an MQ queue. Normally, that wouldn't be a big deal. But, in this case the queue I need to write to is remote. It's owned and operated by another team and kept on a completely different box. My broker is running locally for testing.

So far, I haven't been able to figure out how to configure an MQOutput node to deal with a remote queue manager. I couldn't find inputs for the port, channel or machine name on the node.

I also considered manually configuring a destination list, but the properties of OutputLocalEnvironment.Destination.MQ.DestinationData don't have the fields I need either.

Has anyone been able to setup a connection to a remote queue manager like this?
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    Re: Connecting to Remote Queue Manager

    It turns out that accessing a remote queue manager isn't done through Message Broker. Message Broker can only work with local queues. If you need to work with a remote queue in a flow, it has to be configured through MQ. This is done by using a local queue that the broker can see, a remote queue that has connection information about the remote queue manager, and a channel to connect the two queues. All of these pieces can be configured through MQ Explorer.
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    Re: Connecting to Remote Queue Manager


    you can try using JMSOutput and JMSReceive nodes if the other application can accept messages via JMS.