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Pinned topic Can downloads of attachments be logged?

‏2012-03-01T18:50:05Z |
For contract purposes, we are required to keep track of downloads of certain developerWorks page attachments. Is this possible? I understand that software downloads are tracked/logged, but that requires licenses, COOs, etc. - too much overhead when the material doesn't require licenses.

This is for a private developerWorks site, so all participants are known and are aware that their accesses are to be logged (thus, no major privacy concerns here).


Mark Feblowitz, IBM Research
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    Re: Can downloads of attachments be logged?

    Hello Mark,

    Could you be more specific about the kinds of attachments you are referring to? (For example, attachments to wiki pages, or perhaps within a group)

    Attachments to wiki pages cannot be tracked. Within groups, using the Files application will let you see how many times a file has been downloaded, but not by whom.

    Jeff Antley
    developerWorks Feedback Team