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Pinned topic Problems with DB2 V9.7 on Ubuntu 11.10

‏2012-03-01T12:51:53Z |
Hello everybody,

I installed DB2 on Ubuntu 11.10 using the apt-get command. All the installation went ok, but I have some trouble starting services. First, the das service gave me an error. I looked into dasusr1 home directory and there are some symlinks which point to the directories in the db2 installation folders. While the paths seemed to be ok, I get an Access denied error when I try to follow the symbolic links.

Also when I run commands as db2inst1 user I get errors or unexpected results. For example, db2val gives me errors saying it can't find db2inst1 instance. The db2ilist command shows me nothing. Both command works ok if I run them using sudo.

Are there some post-install configurations which I should do in order to get this stuff working?