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‏2012-02-29T11:57:49Z |

We are planning to implement ICC 2.2 with SAP. We have installed P8 client for the same. When we run the transaction code OAWD in SAP GUI, we see only the default settings and not the one suggested by IBM.

Please let us know any suggestions on the same. Also in the ICC log file, we are getting the following error. Any ideas are welcomed.

2012/02/29 17:24:12
HTTP WORKER #0: Processing failed for <op=info, rep=P1, doc=E162CE365CB67BF188F400145E204E2C, comp=>

2012/02/29 17:24:12
P8-AGENT WORKER#0: Document could not be found! searchAndTransformDocument:2060

2012/02/29 17:24:12
P8-AGENT WORKER#0: Operation info for item <E162CE365CB67BF188F400145E204E2C> failed. Reason: Item not found. Operation expects the item to exist in repository.

2012/02/29 17:24:12
P8-AGENT WORKER#0: Invalid retrieve result item type: validateRetrieveResultItem:-1

2012/02/29 17:24:17
HTTP WORKER #0: HTTP WORKER #0: *** The command <adminContRep> is not installed.
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    Re: ICC 2.2 with SAP


    The first four (4) errors shown here are sometimes displayed when you have created a TEST transaction and as the transaction does delete the documents, SAP does continue to look for them, it is possible to configure SAP to reduce the frequency on which it loos for these files, but will not go away, it will just appear less often.

    For the last entry, is quite simple: the SAP CSADMIN transaction only works with SAP content repositories as ICC is third party it will not accept the check command run by SAP, now while it does nothing to your system is a bit annoying to get it on the log files all the time.