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Pinned topic IMS Soap Gateway - Possible to map input values to output values?

‏2012-02-27T14:40:51Z |
Hello guys,

I am VERY new to the Soap Gateway for IMS and need to understand if something I would like to achieve is possible.

Basically, what we need to achieve is take input from an IMS application, pass it on to the soap gateway, in the soap gateway make a SYNCHNONOUS call to a web service, then return the output of the web service back to the calling application.

The main problem comes in where we would like to map some of the input data (that was supplied when making the web service call) to the copybook that is responsible for providing the data back to the IMS application.

Here is an ascii of the flow:

IMS APP (1) --> SOAP Gateway (2) <--> External Web Service (3)
Another IMS App(4) <--|
So, (1) provides input for (2) to make the call to (3). (1) provides values x, y and z as a copybook message to (2), (2) ONLY uses y and z for the SYNCHNONOUS call to (3), (3) takes y and z, produces a, b and c in its result returned to (2). (2) however, needs to provide (4) with x, y, z as well as a, b and c in the copybook going back. Is this at all possible using the soap gateway?

If I need to be more clear about this, please just let me know.

Thank you in advance!