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Pinned topic DS4300 Reset>Configuration hangs controller

‏2012-02-23T14:04:36Z |
Hello, I've got a DS4300 2-controller storage unit with an attached EXP810 which i use primarily for data destruction purposes. When i'm done shredding the drives, i like to fully blast the configurations by using the Advanced>Recovery>Reset>Configuration menu action.

However, when I issue this command, it takes about 30 minutes to "complete", and when it comes back, it says that the task may not have been completed successfully, and it often loses communication with one of my controllers.

I also noticed that my error log gets filled up with "Fibre Channel Link Up", "Fibre Channel Link Down" errors, so I suspect I might have a bad controller in there.

Another tidbit: I get "Degraded Drive Channel" status alerts almost constantly, from both controllers.
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    Re: DS4300 Reset>Configuration hangs controller

    Error 1012: The reset configuration operation may not have completed because the first controller experienced a problem (time-out).