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Pinned topic Overriding default <odc:tree> behaviour.

‏2012-02-22T14:29:39Z |
The tree control by default allows you to select categories and subcategories through node selection. This means that if we select a parent category ALL of its subcategories are selected. Also if we select a subcategory its parent category is also selected (this makes sense in the majority of situations).

Is it possible to switch this behaviour off? The idea is that if I select any node ONLY that node is selected (not its children or its parent).

Example is

Category 1
  • Subcategory (selected)
  • Subcategory (not selected)
Category 2 (selected)
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    Re: Overriding default <odc:tree> behaviour.

    There's no way to change the selection behavior of the tree.
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    Re: Overriding default <odc:tree> behaviour.

    After clarifying user requirements decided to enableSelect="false" on the main tree. I now catch the selection of the bottom node and effectively hide that to a hidden field. The hidden field is bound to the data.