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Pinned topic Interpreting Results of analysis by the migration tool

‏2012-02-22T13:36:37Z |
Disclaimer: I am brand new to RAD, the migration tool and to Java in general, but here goes anyway!

I ran the migration tool against some old version 7 code to get a feel for
how the tool works. It seemed to do it's job, but I would like to
locate some documentation as to what the specific findings in the analysis mean.

I realize there's suggested fixes, but frankly the 41 page Document I have seems a little thin.
For instance, is everything "found" in the Java code Review tab need to be fixed? How do I know
for sure what needs attention and what can float ...e.g. best practices etc. ?


In sum, I'll take all the help I can get!

Thanks All!

BMUS ( Beam Me Up Scotty)
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    Re: Interpreting Results of analysis by the migration tool

    Hello, Welcome to RAD, the migration tool and Java!

    I think what you are looking for is the integrated help. For each analysis result there is help available by selecting a result and clicking F1. This will bring up help for the specific rule which is typically a brief one or two sentence description of the rule. From that help there is a link to 'detailed help'. The detailed help typically has a description of why the rule flagged the item it flagged along with a description of the quick fix if it is available and/or recommended actions. From the detailed help you will also find links to other related resources.

    This same help is also available from the configuration panel where you select rules.