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Pinned topic need help to verify /etc/hosts file

‏2012-02-22T05:45:33Z |
/etc/hosts loopback localhost mclnode1-adm mclnode1_boot1 mclnode1_boot2 mclnode2-adm mclnode2 mclnode-svc mclnode2_boot1 mclnode2_boot2

Dear all,

Above is one of Our HACMP Cluster node(two node HACMP) /etc/hosts file. Please let us know are there are any errors in that.

I guess

“_” were used in the host name for server ip “”, I think underscore is not allowed in hostnames.

eg: mclnode2_boot1
I doubt using dash character in hostname
I think in the entry “ mohclnode2-adm mohclnode2” is wrong it should be like

eg: “ mclnode2-adm”
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    Re: need help to verify /etc/hosts file

    By the RFC you can use only leters, numbers and dash in host name and (as I remember) you cant start the hostname with dash. So your supposition is correct. Will be wise to follow the rules, because some software will not run on the machine with such hostname