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Pinned topic IBM Integration Designer plug-in(WebSphere Ilog Jrules) problem

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Can someone help me please? I've been trying to integrate WebSphere ILOG JRules with IBM Integration Designer I'm stuck because my Integration Designer can't perform this : <Module> > New > Other > Ilog Rule Studio > SCA Component for RuleApp. I'm assuming that I don't have the required plug-in. How can I install the missing plug-in?

I have already installed WebSphere Ilog JRules (Commercial Version) together with the WebSphere Bundle. I also tried this supportpac: LA71 v1.7 but still. I can't have the SCA Component for RuleApp in IID.

And another question is am I required to install WODM 7.5 just to have the IID plugin? because the supportpac LA71 v1.7 is integrating WODM to WPS. I think what I need is the past version which is 1.5 (Integrating Jrules with WPS).

Thanks in advance. :(
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    Re: IBM Integration Designer plug-in(WebSphere Ilog Jrules) problem



    I am also facing the same problem while using WODM 8.0 and IID 8.0. Did you manage to resolve this one? Please help. thanks

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