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Pinned topic Use variable in 'Select occurence when' expression?

‏2012-02-21T10:36:58Z |
I have the following problem: I have recurring XMLs, one for the data I'm trying constructing and one with a list of accounts.

The orchestration has the following steps:

1. Read the data from a file and store it in a data-XML with a mapping

2. Query a list of accounts and store in a variable

2. Loop through the childs in my data-XML with a 'For Each' activity.

3. Whithin the loop, store the field 'Integration_Id__c' form the data-XML_1 in a string variable AccountIntegrationId with a mapping.

4. Whithin the loop, I want to retrieve data from a list of Accounts so I can add fields to data-XML_1. To do it, on the fields of the Accounts xml, I use the 'Select occurance when' with expression: Integration_Id__c=bpws:getVariableData('AccountIntegrationId')

Should this work? I keep getting the 1st line of the accounts returned.