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Pinned topic software distribution - upload manager

‏2012-02-21T09:56:51Z |
Hi, how can I use uploadmanager.exe to automate the import and upload of software distribution packages?
is there an example?
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  • JasonHonda
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    Re: software distribution - upload manager

    The SWD User's guide has some basic information about what you're asking, and will point you here for details on uploadmanager.exe

  • Corda
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    Re: software distribution - upload manager

    I have run the command: uploadmanager.exe -hostname temserver -besusername xxx -bespassword yyyy -inputdir "c:\import\firefox.exe" -chunksize 1000 -uploadsuffix test

    where is uploaded the package and where it is views in the console?

    Anyone can help me to understand, thanks.
  • ne1
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    Re: software distribution - upload manager


    Is there anyway to run this utility standalone without using SQL authentication? We can only do NT Authentication. Any suggestions?